What We Do

What do we do for cooperative companies


Advocacy, Lobby and Certification

Represent the members in all matters of common interest that must be submitted to public and / or private entities.

Links and Partnerships

  1. a) Support research and linkages with global markets and promote exchanges, interaction and cooperation among the various existing modern cooperatives at local, national, regional and international levels;
  2. b) Establish partnerships and links, in order to facilitate its members to obtain financing, support or credits for the socio-economic development of cooperatives.

Technical Assistance, Studies, Research and Dissemination

  1. a) Promote and carry out scientific and socioeconomic studies and research on cooperatives and promote the publication of articles, studies and statistics on cooperativism;
  2. b) Promote institutional development initiatives, training, technical assistance and training on cooperative businesses and businesses and cooperativism
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Global Objectives


To Promote and practice all acts that may contribute to the development of the modern cooperative movement that defend the interests of its members as a viable and sustainable way of promoting wealth, encouraging technical, economic, professional and social progress.s