AMPCM trains promoters in Nampula

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AMPCM trains promoters in Nampula

AMPCM trains promoters in Nampula
Nampula (A total of forty-one, of which thirteen women, promoters of agroecology are being trained in the northern city of Nampula by the Mozambican Association for the Promotion of Modern Cooperativism (AMPCM) in agroecology .
According to Natalino Barnete, the North Regional Coordinator of the AMPCM, the forty-one promoters are leaders of nineteen cooperatives and one of composting and recycling of garbage from eight districts of Nampula. Training began on Friday (18). “This initiative is part of the Agribusiness Development project under the Agroecology component, which is funded by NorgesVel-anAgenda de Desvolvimento de Noruega. In this context, we want to let you know that agroecology consists of the most natural ecology techniques, such as the use of organic / organic fertilizers and the rotation of crops. The idea is to create a

food production that is socially just, economically viable and ecologically sustainable – the basic principle is the conscious use of resources, which prevents waste, that is to produce and increase productivity through local resources, “explains Barnete. Aagroecology is a science that requires basic ecological principles for the study and treatment of ecosystems that are both productive and resource-conserving, culturally sensitive, socially viable and economically feasible,
ecosystem. The agroecological approach of production seeks to develop systems with minimal dependence on agrochemical and external energy inputs. The purpose of the project is to “build a partnership for agroecological production with the knowledge of farmers organized in Cooperatives and train promoters of forestry to strengthen the method of establishing organic production model methodology.”

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